Ishah House | Lazarus House Ministries – Lawrence, MA

Ishah House is a transitional housing facility located at 155 Franklin Street in Lawrence. The Victorian home includes five residential apartments, a first-floor office, and basement, totaling approximately 7,700 square feet. Opened in 2015 under a Pilot transitional program for single, at-risk, and unhoused women, the 2.5 story Ishah House is operated by Lazarus House Ministries.

Lazarus House Ministries is a faith-based non-profit charity serving people struggling with poverty in greater Lawrence. Founded in 1982, their impactful outreach assists families with food, clothing, housing, and other resource services for many community members in need throughout the surrounding Merrimack Valley.

The project calls for complete demolition of the interior space as well as exterior upgrades. Siena will work in close collaboration with Lazarus House Ministries, the design team at LYF Architects, and Peabody-based construction management firm MRG Construction to ensure design requirements, building specifications, construction costs and schedule requirements are met during the construction phase.


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