Since 2017, Siena has joined thousands of other cyclists in the Pan-Mass Challenge, an annual bike-a-thon that raises money and awareness for cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

If you know Siena, you probably know how important community is to us. Our team is full of talented and committed people who spend our days working on bringing good buildings and design to our community. One of our proudest achievements is building laboratories that support cancer research. We’re fortunate and very proud to be a small part of the area’s incredible research that’s promoting wellness and preserving health.

Since its founding in 1980, the PMC has successfully melded support from committed cyclists, volunteers, corporate sponsors and individual contributors. All are essential to the PMC's goal and model: to attain maximum fundraising efficiency while increasing its annual gift. Our hope and aspiration is to provide Dana-Farber's doctors and researchers with the necessary resources to discover cures for all cancers.

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We put the FUN in Fundraising!
Every year, Siena hosts a fun-filled event to raise funds for our PMC ride. Past events have included a carnival, live auction, and golf tournament. See what we're gearing up for this summer and register here:

PMC Fundraiser Golf Tournament at Pinehills

Meet our Founding Riders

(Donations preferred, elbow pads accepted)

Terry Hayes

Cancer sucks, it feels like betrayal by our bodies. But…I’m riding because this is the best way to prove resilience and I’m confident a cure to some of the million forms of cancer is achievable if we put our minds and hearts into chasing down a cure at a steady 90 RPM cadence. Just as important, I’m riding for Sue and her family (part of my work family).

Pee-wee: [falls off bike after attempting tricks] I meant to do that.

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Karl Halpin

When the idea of riding PMC was suggested, I jumped right on board. Hopefully my small contribution will help find a cure for cancer.

“I don’t know if it’s illegal to be handsome and ride a bike at the same time but whatever, I live dangerously.”

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Colin Delaney

My best friend’s mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. I am riding for her and all the other mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers out there.

“No, I crashed my bicycle, not motorcycle. I’m not that cool.”

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Mark Fitzgerald

The PMC is the least I can do to help with their battle. I am also riding in memory of my mother Cecile and brother Bobby who both died due to cancer.

“I hope that’s the finish line, my ass can’t take much more of this ride.”

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Team Siena

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We're wheely trying Since 2017, Siena has raised over $200,000 for PMC and Dana Farber!

Bikes, camera, action!