Thirsty Thursday, July 16th. The Siena team and their families descended on Flat Top Johnny’s in Cambridge to hang out, shoot some pool and shoot the breeze at our annual summer outing.


Cue the fun.


Carli Cabana and Karen Orf soak up some indoor rays. 80% chance Carly missed this shot (but still won).


Chrissy Gabriel (background) watches her child get carried away. Also pictured: daughter Lila Bean, with tiny pitcher.


Siena employees (right to left: Hank Mosca, Al McAuliffe, Ryan Kay, and tiny mounted Elvis bust) silently contemplate billiards geometry.


Anthony Di Carlo lines up a shot before being attacked by Liam Halpin, notorious Orange Belt.


Intern Ryan Kay takes time out of his busy last day at Siena to line up a shot.